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Mary Albert

Growing up on a small farm in central Illinois, playmates were in short supply, (just my brother and me). I enjoyed playing with stuffed animals, especially bears and making up stories to pass the time. Once people knew that I like bears I seemed to get them as gifts for almost every occasion. It’s always hard to walk through a store and see those cute cuddly faces and the eyes that seem to call out to me… “I want to go home with you”.

Millionaire Bear, Bear, Curly and Taggy are 4 of my favorite bears. They have become the stars of my Millionaire Bear book series.

My more formal writing began back in 2018 and I published my first book in 2019, Faith From: A Mother’s Soul Moves Mountains. A book about a young mother’s faith journey. My writing focus then turned to writing children’s stories. The Millionaire Bear, A Story About Overcoming Bullying is the first in the Millionaire Bear series, and my first children’s book on the market.

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