Mary Albert

Helping Children Navigate Difficult times

As children grow up they go through many difficult situations through out their lives.  One way parents, teachers, and other caring adults can support a child is to help them build their resilience.  Basically giving them guidance in how to process a difficult situation or hardship and adapt to it.  The benefit is giving the child a sense of control and connection when they face a traumatic experience and gives a more positive, I can overcome this attitude.

 Some ways to parents, teachers and caring adults can help build resilience on a daily basis may include:

• Give comfort, guidance and suggest strategies to get through a difficult situation

• Work on problem solving skills together

• Help a child understand the situation and possible reasons why a certain behavior is happening

• Help a child with self-reflection       

With support from parents, teachers and other caring adults to help navigate situations, process them, and give them strategies to deal with them, a child’s resilience grows and their skills to navigate difficult experiences develops.  

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